Experienced Instruments has a unique selection of Kammerer guitars. The innovative, computer carved guitars are a great example of theme and variation. Jon started to build a guitar with ďno corners to trap the soundĒ. He came up with a basic design centered on parabolic curves and from there has made many variations; body size, plate thickness, pickup selection and materials. In addition to their great sound, Jonís instruments are also beautiful sculptural objects featuring a wide range of renewable woods from maple to curly walnut. KAMMERER Jon Kammerer has expanded his line of unique all parabolic curve guitars (no hard edges, super comfortable) with a new hollowbody electric guitar. This is actually a prototype, Jonís unique cutaway body shape is fitted with three single coil Seymour Duncan pickups, 5-way switch and volume and tone controls. The sound is great and a little hard to describe, rounder and fuller than the typical strat. Would be a great jazz voice! The curly maple cutaway body is really comfortable to play and the maple neck with rosewood fingerboard is just as comfortable. In addition to this guitar, we can custom order a Kammerer guitar with your choice of woods, pickups, inlay and features. Gator Hard Case $1,750 200036

KAMMERER Walnut Hollow body electric (cutaway) with Seymour Duncan SH-2, SH-4 (bridge) humbuckers. This guitar has a curly walnut, 24-fret neck, and an ebony fret board with abalone inlay.Cedar Creek HSC List Price $1825.00 SN97 200038

KAMMERER Cutaway Walnut Deep body electric with catís eye sound holes and a 22-fret neck. This guitar has two humbucking pickups and a L. R. Baggs bridge pickup. Both types of pickups have their own volume and tone controls with a three-way switch on the electrics. There is a second three-way switch to blend between the electrics and the acoustic pickups. The guitar has a maple neck, ebony fret board, abalone inlay and chrome hardware. This is an extremely versatile guitar. List price: $1969.00. It has some small scuffs on the back that are barely noticeable. Sale price: $1600.00 SN 92 200039

KAMMERER Curly maple cutaway solid body electric, 24 fret neck, curly maple fret board with abalone inlay. This guitar has 2 Seymour Duncan Humbuckers and a floating bridge. This guitar comes with a hard shell case. List Price: $1950.00. This guitar has some small blemishes around the jack plate. Sale Price: $1500.00 SN CS-18 200040

KAMMERER Curly walnut deep cutaway body acoustic with catís eye sound holes. Curly walnut neck with ebony fret board, Abalone inlay and gold hardware. Great sounding L. R. Baggs ribbon transducer with preamp volume and tone controls. Externally accessed battery box on back. This is a one of a kind instrument. List Price: $3850.00. There is a very minor blemish where lacquer soaked into a glue seam around the cutaway. It is barely noticeable. Sale Price $3200.00 SN CS-22 200041

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