AXTECH VM106 Small practice amp, high and low gain input jacks, overdrive switch, volume and master level controls, three-way equalizer (bass/middle/high), headphone jack, detachable power cord, black tolex with black plastic corner brackets. Korea $55 94637

CRATE G-20 Solid state practice/combo amp overdrive input (drive and level controls and channel switch--also switches on foot pedal jack (tip and ground)), master volume control, three band equalizer (low-mid-high) with bright switch, reverb level control (foot pedal jack ring and ground). Classic spring reverb, 12" speaker, external speaker jack, headphone jack and line out jack. Black pebble cloth case with heavy plastic bumpers. SN A29867 $110 94573

DOD FX30 Noise Gate - Designed to clean up your signal. Delay and intensity controls along with footswitch, Internal 9V battery and external power jack. $45 94641

PEAVEY BLAZER 158 - 15 watt Transtube practice/combo amp. Clean and Lead channels, clean channel volume control, lead channel pre and post eq controls, cd/tape input, three band equalizer, reverb, headphone jack, 8" speaker. SN 7845474 $125 94332

PEAVEY 210 CABINET 2 new high power (100 watt) 10" speakers replace Peavey originals, 8 Ohms, could be connected for 2Ohm -200 watts, phone jacks on back for loop through. Black pebble vinyl with typical Peavey grill cloth and aluminum trim. SN 6E-24026 $100 94593

ROADKILL Distortion effects pedal. Blend the Headlights, Screech and Splatter controls and make your own sound. A real lease-breaker in the wrong hands (or more correctly under the wrong toe), destined to help you make your mark. $65 94375

ROCKTEK VIB-1 Vibrato pedal. The easy way to add vibrato effects if your amp doesn't have them. Footswitchable with depth and rate controls (LED indicated effect on and battery condition). (Battery cover is missing, but battery is snug) SN 13424 $20 94431

TRAYNOR TS-25-B Bass amp. Solid state combo-style (one piece) bass amp, gray tolex with black grill cloth. 15" speaker in ducted baffle. High and Low gain inputs, boost switch, gain, treble, mid and bass tone controls, master volume, line output jack (0 dB). With original leatherette cover $225 94629

TRUSONIC Bass Cabinet. 2 Trusonic 150GBO free cone 15” speakers in a newly recovered 45X30X12” cabinet. Perfect companion for your bass head! Trusonic was part of the California HI-FI movement (connected very early on to Jim Lansing of JBL), so trendy they even had speaker cabinets designed by the great Charles Eames. These Bass Instrument speakers are in an infinite baffle covered in black carpet, with a black nylon grill cloth. A monolith of sound, with 4” casters to get it to the gig (it’s so big you might want to consider a trailer hitch to haul it), 4 Ohms load, we’re not sure of the power handling capacity but we’d guess 100 Watts. Sns 000091 and 000178 $225 94561

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