Pearl Pair

Mandolin/Guitar Set - A VERY unusual pair of instruments, perfect for the next Louvin/Monroe/?? brothers! The guitar is 00-size (15 inches) , with a solid spruce top, rosewood sides and a pine/fir/? back. The mandolin (and to be accurate, we're not sure it's a mandolin... might be a bandolim, or some form of middle-European folk instrument. We refer to it as a mandolin because it is strung in 4 double courses, and the scale length is mandolin like... and it sounds great. It is very unusual, with a large body (12.25 wide, 14.25 long), arched top and back (pine/fir/? like the guitar's back) and rosewood sides. Both are highly decorated, with pearl stars (made from 4 diamond shapes) in the peghead rosewood veneer, black and white roping purfling around the perimeter of the tops and the guitar's back. The oval mandolin sound hole is bound in white ivoriod, the guitar's soundhole is bound and also has roping. Both instruments have pearl inlay in the bound rosewood fingerboards (dots on the mandolin, diamonds and dots on the guitar.) The guitar has a modified pyramid bridge (the saddle is straight which sharpens some of the strings a bit, it could be filled and re-cut, but we decided to leave it as it was made) and the mandolin has a new rosewood bridge. There are no maker's marks we can determine, the guitar is stamped Feb. 14, 1934 on the back strip. The mandolin has almost no top bracing (only one transverse bar under the soundhole) and the guitar has a major transverse brace under the bridge (with some kind of wire bracing across it) and some light fan braces between the bridge and the bottom of the guitar. No Cases - $650 the set 94275/6

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