AUTOHARP 15 bar Style B. Blond maple with the steel string anchor plate. This is the modern version of the popular folk instrument. Chord Bars: F7,A7,Eb,D7,C7,Gm,Bb,Dm,F,Am,C,E7,G,D,G7 No Case 200043 $105

Luthier's Collection : David Schneider

Schneider Electric Mandolin

Introducing the Wizzard! Dave introduces a new style (yes, a tribute to another guitar maker). This mandolin has a mahogany body (finished in black lacquer), rosewood fingerboard inlaid with a very interesting pattern of stars and dots, rosewood bridge and a three-piece mahogany neck with a mahogany veneer. The EMG dual-coil pickup feeds to tone and volume controls. The strings mount through the body for maximum sustain the pass over the adjustable rosewood bridge. Dave has been building and repairing instruments for more than thirty years. He began, as so many people did, building dulcimers--both teardrop and hour glass some with exotic peg head designs. Dave's built several acoustic guitars and many early instruments (think renaissance faire). Recently Dave has been building innovative solid body electric mandolins. He uses 8 strings (as opposed to some other builders who use 4 or 5 strings). The instrument just sold has a single cutaway walnut body, with walnut and cherry neck, rosewood fingerboard (with simple inlay), padauk adjustable bridge and a stop tailpiece made of osage orange veneered in rosewood.
Schneider owners write: "I thought I'd let you know that the Schneider mandolin I bought from you last year is probably the best thing I've ever purchased. It's proving to be incredibly durable. I've had it nearly a year now and haven't had to change strings, despite extensive usage. The sound is really unique on it as well. It's very distinct from an acoustic mandolin sound, but yet the sound retains the mandolin essence. I have to say, as well, that it provided a great way to extensively further my mandolin studies without disrupting anybody the way a conventional mandolin might. If anyone is considering purchasing one of these from you, feel free to give a strong recommendation from me. I'm sure they won't be disappointed.--Jason Braun"

"It's been 3 weeks and I've just barely put this mandolin down in all that time. I was awestruck from the moment I opened the box... the picture I received by e-mail prior to shipment DID NOT do the mandolin justice. IT IS ABOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND THE SOUND IS INCREDIBLE! It goes way above every expectation I EVER HAD prior to requesting that you build it for me... I have some friends that play conventional mandilin with other bands and they are itching to get their hands on this mandolin. I will not be surprised, in the least, if you receive additional orders for the 6-string electric. I'm definitely hooked on the Schneider mandolin and I hope I can have another one made in the future (a conventional electric 8-string)." Ken Crosslin

Schneider New Style! Yet another innovative design from Dave Schneider. This is a walnut semi-solid body mandolin. Schneider three-piece neck design with a soft Florentine body (Like Mr. Loar’s F-style) that has a hollow tone chamber (and single f-hole). In place of his usual stop tailpiece, Dave has used a traditional style tailpiece on this mandolin. The semi-solid body adds a bit more “woody” tone. The EMG humbucker pickup connects to the tone and volume controls and has a single coil split switch. Compensated adjustable bridge and Dave’s usual subtle inlays to the rosewood fingerboard. Looks great and sounds the same!

Get in touch with us now and Dave can customize one of the mandolins on his workbench just for you! Basic Schneider models at $950 with gig bag, several options are available at additional cost.

JOHN FRAZIER Dulcimer Made in South Bend Indiana, in July 1981. A very nice solid walnut hourglass shaped 4 string dulcimer. Simple carved knob head with geared tuning keys. Fitted wooden case, complete with "fretters" and spare strings. $175 200006

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