What's it all about?

Now there are two parts to Experienced Instruments®. First, a reliable way to find economical utility instruments. We search for instruments, some have been well cared for, some are basket cases. We repair them as needed, clean them up, set them up with new strings and generally make them useable, playable instruments. Most are not "vintage", they are a range of instruments that will appeal to beginners as a first instrument and to experienced players who want to venture into new directions without mortgaging the house. All are ready to play. All transactions are one-on-one, with no pressure--we respect instruments and musicians too much to deal any other way. Instruments may be exchanged, valued at their purchase price, for another instrument of equal or higher value at any time within 30 days of purchase. Items shipped out of town include a 7 day inspection (customer pays return shipping). Instruments listed are usually available as of date on each web page . Wood descriptions are experienced guesses and not scientifically exact.

"But, I saw an instrument just like that at a garage sale and for less!" Could be true, in fact, it might be exactly the instrument you saw. It might have been the nice looking dreadnought with loose and cracked braces inside, it might have been the cool electric with a bad pickup switch or "decoy" single coil pickups made to look like more expensive humbuckers. It might have been that old guitar with a swayback neck that now has a steel bar in the neck to straighten it out and improve it's tone, it might have been the twelve string with a bridge that had been factory installed in the wrong position, so it could never be played in tune, or the mandolin with frozen tuners and a neck that would pop off the body the instant the strings were loosened. Those instruments, and hundreds more, have all been through my shop and are now adjusted, playable and in happy homes. Come on over and play a few of those that are here waiting!

Second, Experienced Instruments® now represents luthiers from around the country. These experienced hands create one-of-a-kind instruments from the finest materials, developing their own methods growing from centuries of instrument building tradition coupled with new materials and scientific research. See more details on the Luthier's Collection page

How to order!

Orders e-mailed to sales@experiencedinstruments.com can be encrypted using Zixmail. For more information check www.zixmail.com..

Transactions can also be processed via iescrow. D&M Internet Escrow Service dmiesinc@gate.net or Safebuyer to assure you get what you order from us! Escrow fees and credit card fees are the responsibility of the buyer.


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Guild of American Luthiers - Association of String Instrument Artisans

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