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Kammerer GuitarsThe unique parabolic guitars!

Flattop Acoustical GuitarsThe choice for most folk/country/western performers

12 String Guitars
Twice the strings for the unique chime-y sound

Classical Guitars
Nylon string instruments for the classical repertoire (Segovia, et. al.), beginning flamenco players and the choice of some folk performers.

Archtop (F-Hole) Guitars
Originally built for playing rhythm in big bands, still used in jazz and blues

Electric Guitars
Rock, blues and jazz instruments. A range of sounds, styles and features

Archtop Electric Guitars
Hollow body electrics, the original style electric. Jazz, rock-a-billy, or just a different sound.

Electric Basses
Both standard scale (34") and short scale instruments

Amps and Effects
Different sizes for practice and performance, along with a range of effects (tremolo, vibrato, reverb, wah wah).

Hawaiian and Steel Guitars
Derived from the Hawaiian guitar school, merged with the Dobro--the ultimate slide guitar

Tenor (for celtic and dixie) or 5-string (folk and bluegrass)

Mandolins, Ukes & Etc.
Ukes for Hawaiian and early pop music, flat back mandolins for folk/bluegrass use and classic "Italian" bowlback mandolins

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