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Almost universally ours is recognized as the golden age of luthierie. You may not know the term luthier, it derives from lute maker and describes individual builders of musical instruments. All over the country (in fact, all over the world) individuals are building excellent instruments. Today a luthier can obtain exotic and domestic woods, fine quality parts both advanced and traditional glues and finishing materials. Even more important is the exchange of information fostered by professional organizations such as the Guild of American Luthiers and the Association of String Instrument Artisans. Like the guilds of old, these organizations foster the development of superior instruments by providing forums for discussion of the details of hand building instruments. What does this golden age mean to you? You have lots of choice in musical instruments--from fine factory produced guitars to instruments built by the skilled hands of one person. Both have their advantages, but for the same expenditure, many knowledgeable people prefer the handmade instrument.

Now Experienced Instruments® brings together the work of luthiers from around the country in a display of some of the finest, yet affordable, handmade instruments. We invite you to view these fine instruments and experience a new dimension in musical instruments. In addition to the fine instruments on hand, we are proud to offer you the ability to guide the construction of your custom instrument. Now you can have exactly the instrument you want; your choice of wood, style, ornamentation and finish. Focus on the details--choose a scale length and fingerboard width that fits your playing style and puts the notes exactly where you want them under your fingers. You don't have to settle for less anymore!

From the Luthier's Collection

Ken Miller's Acousteel

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