Sometimes we forget to mention that Experienced Instruments also does repairs. More than 500 instruments have been through our shop, some just get cleaned up, others are rebuilt from splinters, or even worse after "repair" by somebody else. Most of them have gone on to happy players (the rest are in inventory).

We've also repaired instruments for Chicago area customers (often several instruments for the repeat customers). We specialize in "just get it working" repairs that often fall below the radar screen at other music stores. We're expert at getting a dead instrument up and running for a reasonable price. Acoustic or electric, we've done all kinds of repairs from setup to extensive re-construction (like making a new top for an acoustic guitar or converting an old solid body electric guitar to a "solid acoustic" with a bridge pickup). We're also experienced in researching and re-building unusual instruments (an oud, string basses, a Viola Braguesa...that's a 10 string Portugese guitar).

Anyway, no job too small, estimates cheerfully given and we're particularly happy to provide repair service to people who don't live near a full service repair shop.