RWK Inventory Software

New!! Windows-based software for tracking inventory on both Guitars and Guitar Parts.

Developed by computer professional and luthier Bob Karger, this software is customized for the needs of guitar collectors and dealers! Review summarized lists of guitars or parts. This software shows you a list of your guitars and guitar parts, on two separate grids, allowing you to review a summarized recap of what you have in your database. As you scroll down the grid pictures of your guitars can appear in sync. A click moves you to a detailed record of your instrument... date purchased. price, condition and etc.. Add new guitars or parts to your database or view any specific guitar or part in your database, review the details and/or make changes to your records. Choose from a wide array of parts pictures to use with your parts inventory or add your own pictures to the collection for future use. This software would be a welcome addition to any store, shop or home collection--large or small. It could also be used for record keeping for insurance purposes. Some of its main functions are: Add a guitar or part to the database. Copy an existing guitar or part record into a new record. Delete guitars or parts from the database. Display or print reports; Including: In Stock Only - A listing only of guitars or parts you have in stock. Sold Only - A listing only of guitars you no longer have in stock/no longer own. Out Of Stock Only - A listing only of parts you are out of stock. At Or Below Reorder Point. - Any parts you have hit or fell below your reorder point. All. - All guitars or parts in your database. Maintain and toggle between different databases. Update existing guitar or parts records in your database. Make Year-To-Date adjustments for parts on-hand quantities. Zero-out parts Year-To-Date information. It also contains a detailed "Help" screen to aid you in understanding and performing any of its functions. The selling price, normally $30, is going for a show price of only $20

Contact: Bob Karger at RWK Guitars or order from Experienced Instruments

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