Whistle Pig

Try the Whistle Pig Jukebox!

As everyone knows, the mascot of Whistle Pig - Bluegrass & Beyond is our finest national animal: the Groundhog. We'd like to thank all the pickers who came out in a snow storm to help us celebrate! Wait until next year!

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First and Third Mondays 8 PM Whistle Pig - Bluegrass & Beyond at C.J. Arthur's. Have a great dinner (Home cookin', only better!) and have desert or drink while you enjoy Whistle Pig!!! 1168 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette IL (Wilmette and Central, just east of Green Bay Road south of Lake Avenue)C.J.Arthur's Website
Bluegrass? Of course! It's the common thread, the evolution of mountain string band music carried to the big city clear channel radio stations in the 1940's. Beyond? Could be a pre-bluegrass fiddle tune that came over from Scotland or Ireland. It could be a recent song written by a folk master such as Norman Blake. Or it might be a bluegrass tune from Liverpool.

Whistle Pig? It's just one of the names for the ubiquitous groundhog. Or woodchuck. Marmota Monax (In some, well lubricated, circles AKA Whiskey Pig!) A team of experienced musicians who entertain with acoustic music. Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Dobro, Resonator Guitar, String Bass and more.
"Whistle Pig was the perfect Blue Grass group to kick off our Antique Tractor Show. They proved that Blue Grass and old tractors are a great blend. Perfect weather, perfect setting and perfect music. Can't wait to invite them back for next year's festival." Cheryl Stutzke -- Blue Goose Run
Fifteen minutes to a full entertaining evening. 312-733-1953
Whistle Pig